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Boudoir Session Tips

Helpful Do's and Don'ts


*Bring at least three outfits for your session

*Shop for outfits at least one week ahead, make sure everything fits properly

*Do wear matching nail polish on fingers/toes or clear polish (ask Chelsea about Jamberry Nails)

*Do moisture your skin in the morning

*Do shave the night before, if waxing do so at least 48 hours before

*Do bring a husband’s favorite shirt, jersey, tie, guitar, saddle, jacket (anything that relates to his hobbies) Think of fun items or unique clothing/accessories!

*Buy outfits that enhance your assets and hide your problem areas

*Buy all your outfits with "boob" support

*Bring shoes and jewelry to match your outfits

*If you are having hair and makeup done by one of our stylist come with a clean face and clean hair

*If you are doing your own hair and make up, have it ready before your photographer arrives, avoid flaky hair spray

*Do drink lots of water at least 12 hours before your session

*Color your hair, nails, wax and do your facial at least 3 days before your session

*Trust your photographer, she is the expert

*Bring a robe and slippers

*Get good nights sleep


*Don't get a spray tan; it will make you look too orange in photos

*Don't eat a heavy meal at least 12 hours before your session

*Don't be afraid to try fake eyelashes (we can help you apply)

*Don't be nervous or stressed, if you feel uncomfortable at anytime please let your photographer know

*Don't worry about your body imperfections, I know ways to hide or avoid them, I will use Photoshop to clean up your images as well

*Don't be shy to ask for specific poses or full nudes, I want you to be happy with your images.

​*Don't drink the night before, it's dehydrating and will show on your skin.

*Don't pick at facial blemishes, I can Photoshop them!

*Don't wear tight fitting clothing, (tight bra straps, tight panties, elastic socks) before your session; it will leave lines on your skin.

Other helpful tips:

*Fishnet pantyhose with the large diamond holes are very slimming on larger legs

*Bring meaningful things to you (wedding ring, wedding garter belt, his ball cap)

*Shoes can lengthen legs especially nude shoes with nude stockings and black shoes with black stockings; avoid chunky heels and ankle straps

*Long necklaces elongate your neck; avoid chocker’s and other short necklaces

*Book your appointment date post period. Staining white sheets or having a string hanging out of your sexy panty can be very embarrassing for you. Not to mention bloating!

Questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact Chelsea at or 970-218-0917


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