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PhotoChic Familiar Faces

B.F.A Photo Image Making Thesis:

The portraits of Familiar Faces demonstrate the role that genetics play in determining a person’s physical features. The images question the representations of physical differences between related individuals.I have become interested in visually capturing the individuality and uniqueness, as well as the striking similarities of these individuals. The images speak to the genetic and physical qualities throughout family members. Most of us have grown up hearing comments from others about how we look like a certain family member. I have taken that expression to another level by creating these cut and morphed photographs of similar looking pairs.

I created my own trial and error photographic process that involved much research in the comparison of facial features. When placed side by side, not only do you see the pair’s parallel connections, but also their differences, both physically and personally. Each person is unique in their own way but since they are related, they also share more then they will ever realize.

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